What Would Han Solo Do? Me.

I'm Olivia, and I believe in magic. I like daffodils and vintage posters and I love thinking about my future. I adore travelling, music, and people that make me happy. I like stories that have no ending. I sometimes pretend that my life is a film. I like tea and water, and I collect little things that mean something to me. I love dusty photographs and listening to people tell me about their lives. I love the city life and friendships with strangers. I am an aspiring actress. I love animals, starry nights and smiling, a lot. I want to see a white Christmas once in my life. I am 18 years old, I come from New Zealand, and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.

I think about dying but I don’t want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.